Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, Large Adult, White

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, Large Adult, White

The two most important qualities for restful sleep are comfort and correct spinal alignment. Therapeutica sleeping pillows are the only pillows that allow you to sleep on your back and/or side in the correct spinal alignment comfortably. Changing your sleeping position requires different support. That’s why the therapeutic sleeping pillow gives you distinctly different support for back and side sleeping. It provides back and neck therapy while you sleep, relieving stress and relaxing muscles. Therapy for snoring- the design of the therapeutic sleeping pillow prevents your head from being pushed forward while sleeping on your back and this helps reduce snoring by keeping critical air passages open thus increasing air-flow while you sleep. Back sleeping therapy. Unique “wedge extension” supports your upper back. “Cervical contour” maintains the natural curve of your neck. “Center cavity” cradles head for optimal support and comfort. Side sleeping therapy “raised side sections” accommodat

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